Glassy Ocean (1998)

Watching Glassy Ocean is like being made privy to somebody’s dream, the kind of dream that’s so surreal it’s hard to put in to words. Taking place in a parallel universe of sorts where people roam an ocean made of glass, this 23 minute animation from Shigeru Tamura is beautifully odd. Time has slowed in this alternate universe, and so waves and sea creatures are able to be observed with careful consideration and attention. The main character taps the glass of the frozen waters in order to pluck fishes from the depths for him and his pet cat, who we are introduced to at the beginning. They encounter a painter, a whale, and various other lone rangers who all seem to congregate when something of interest begins to stir in their otherwise motionless landscape. Interspersed throughout are the man’s strange memories of another world, one that resembles a Dali painting with clocks melting into the sea.

A strange but captivating animated tale, this film is highly imaginative and original. Bordering on the absurd, its story takes unpredictable turns that will leave you dazed and confused, but enraptured by its stunning visuals and beautiful music nonetheless.

Watch it here



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